Accelerate learning in School Year 2021-22

Fall 2021. Never before have district and school leaders been more challenged.

Cadence, a national nonprofit committed to elevating instruction, can help you meet the moment.

Extended learning
Tier 2
Virtual option
SY 21-22 Brochure

Whether in extended learningTier 2, or virtual option settings, our four innovative thinking skills classes turbocharge learning for your students while building teacher capacity.

Award-winning educators from Cadence lead your teachers in delivering vibrant classes in ELA and math every day.

Like sitting in the back of the class of the best teacher in the building, your teachers see their mentor expertly deliver the very same lesson they’re about to teach.

They see the high expectations. And they see children rise to them. Witnessing their mentor’s craft and moves, they begin to make them their own.

Your teachers arrive to class uniquely prepared, confident, and invested in the content—and with entirely new expectations of what students can know and do.

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Extended learning

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