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From our partners

Listen to what our partner schools, parents, teachers, and students had to say about their experience working with the National Summer School Initiative.

Hear from a returning partner

"We partner with NSSI because they are 'student first.'"

One of the key factors in deciding to partner another year with NSSI was the demonstrable impact of the program, with students making gains of 15–40% in priority grade level standards assessed through pre- and post-assessments. Moreover, students, families, and teachers continue to share with us their enthusiasm for the lessons, materials, and for the emphasis on social-emotional learning. We partner with NSSI because they are 'student first.'

Dr. Jeanne Willard, Ed.D., Executive Director of College & Career Readiness and Extended Learning Options, Everett Public Schools


Parents and students love NSSI

87% of families in summer 2022 said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their child's experience in a summer program that is supported by NSSI—with 63% selecting the highest possible response.

My daughter actually looks forward to school now and loves her teachers.

G3 Parent

Ector County ISD

My favorite thing about NSSI is that everything was so clear and understandable. It helped me participate.

G8 Student

Forte Prep Academy

It makes me happy that my kids come home talking about their days and how much fun they had. I like how they every day they can't wait to be back at school!

G4 Parent


I like how interactive the math program is and how much more one-on-one attention and feedback I receive.

G9 Student

Gem Prep

In good company

NSSI earns “excellent” Net Promoter Score from very enthusiastic parents.

The Net Promoter Score is a standard measure of customer loyalty that examines the distribution of ardent “promoters” and “detractors” of the organization. Scores range from -100 to +100; a score above 50 is considered excellent.

Teachers tell us

I love how the NSSI curriculum puts students in the driver’s seat of their learning. There is little room for disengagement and the rigor is high. From my perspective, the most beneficial part of this program is the 2x per week PD. My teachers have built great relationships with their mentor teachers and I have seen positive changes in the way they teach from the intensive coaching and training.


Gem Prep

The discipline, rigor, and academic depth of the NSSI Program has helped strengthen my teaching style.

G2 Partner Teacher

Ector County ISD

The NSSI curriculum was extremely engaging, thorough and detailed with support and ready-to-use materials. It provided a clear outline, worksheets, resources, modeling and support for the entire lesson. The support was superb and I have never felt so MOTIVATED and helped! The videos are an excellent tool, and I loved watching them! I loved this program!

G6 Partner Teacher

Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences


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