How it works

Partner teachers across America see their mentor teacher's craft and moves—and have the opportunity to make them their own. Twice a week, by video conference, they join their mentor and same-grade colleagues for live professional development rooted in exactly what they're teaching that week. Teachers arrive to class uniquely prepared, confident, and invested in the content.  

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Every day the mentor teacher delivers the lesson to his showcase students.

The mentor teacher is always joined by the showcase students, a diverse group of three to five students, who are learning alongside children across America. The ideas and questions they raise are likely to be shared by their peers in classrooms everywhere.

The partner teacher, inspired by the mentor's lesson might deliver it entirely herself.

Deeply informed by the mentor's example, and equipped with all of his teaching tools—the detailed lesson plan, presentation slides, and student-facing materials—the partner teacher is set to deliver an exceptionally effective lesson.

Or she might choose to share key portions—or the entirety—of her mentor's lesson in her class. 

The daily "Lesson Flow" deck provided to the teacher every day calls out key moments of the mentor's lesson, including student discourse, question sequences, and more that can be played with one click. 

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