Your needs met

Whether you are a district, network, or charter school our program can comprehensively address your needs.

In-person learning

Students return to the classroom.

Virtual school

All students are educated virtually.

Short-term virtual education

Students attend virtually when schools must close.

Hybrid schooling

All students receive the same NSSI instruction, some in-person and some virtually, by day of the week or by grade.

Parent option or medical needs

Parents elect for their children to attend school virtually, or children require it.


In each of these applications, our offering includes:

  • Pre-launch training that prepares all teachers for success with distance learning

  • Four live core thinking classes: Novel Studies, Close Reading, Math Stories, and Skills-based Math

  • Twice weekly professional development led by the grade’s Mentor Teachers focused on Intellectual Preparation and Looking at Student Work

  • Vibrant enrichment offerings of your own design—or curated online activities

  • Tech platform of Zoom for Education and Google for Education—or use your own

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